10.4 Test Studio, what's it all about?

The Test Studio is a brand-new feature added to the Liberty Create solution enabling builders to test their builds as they progress. It allows you to drill down to every level of your build, stop and start tests, slot new tests between others and more. It is accessed from the Interface menu at the top of the Create solution.

The Test Studio has four areas, Tests, Suites, Executions and Profiles.

Tests – This area lists all the individual tests that have been recorded. They can be opened and viewed from here.

Suites – A suite holds a group of tests that are all related. All the tests in a suite are listed under the Suites list.

Executions – The Executions list shows which tests have been run, whether they completed and, if they did, whether they failed or passed.

Profiles - This area lists all the users whose profiles can be used to run tests. The users listed here have been set to be available either by the new setting on the Account Settings page or via the new ‘Allow Testers to use this account’ attribute. This attribute (under the User object) will need to be added to the Admin > Add/Edit User page so that the user can be set to be available for testers.

Tests are recorded within the browser using a new recording panel that appears on the right hand side of the screen. Assertions can be added at any step to determine success or failure.

Tests can be executed on a schedule or manually. When executed manually you can add breakpoints to stop and view the test at any point. The right-hand panel shows you the steps being executed and their result.

Files can be uploaded to provide the data needed to populate the test execution steps.

Notice the little switch on the panel with the tortoise and hare? Yep you can decide how quickly you want the test executed.