2020.2 Detective Shortcut

Dear Create Team,

Could you please put a link to detective back into the System menu in 2020.2.
I understand why it has moved to monitor studio, however old habits die hard and I would appreciate it if a link direct to the detective could be found back in the System Menu.

Alternatively would you consider a direct link in the build header menu or maybe even an expandable detective area at the bottom of the build interface?

Did you know you can get straight to Detective from most pages in Build Studio using the little glasses icon at top right? Once I realised that, I found it much easier to use than the one in the main nav.

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 11.54.01


Top tip! Thanks Bob. I will remember this one.

I feel well ahead of the game if Mr Mills doesn’t know the glasses exist :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob and Ryan!!!
I am aware, but I’m not always there and I’m great at closing down tabs I need! :wink:

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