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I am currently automating a MatsSoft product we have on site. As part of building out our continuous integration capabilities I’d be interested in the ability configure the commencement of an automated test pack when the environemnt is updated, ie a snapshot applied. Is there anything planned that could facilitate this?



Currently you’d need to manually fire a signal, typically on a button press, that would perform an API call to initiate your test pack.

Due for delivery in September, v10.4 of the platform includes our new “Test Studio”. Designed to compliment Build & Code studios it will allow for the creation, execution and management of test scripts within the platform. Test scripts can be created by “recording” application interactions which can then be replayed to perform testing of the application. Regression tests can be initiated on snapshot install, or scheduled to run, and error reporting can be managed within the studio.

As part of this delivery we plan to allow third party testing software to be initiated in the same way.