Accessing date of case stage completed in build


In the Case Stage List widget the date the stage was completed is shown. How can this date be accessed in build? Going forward a rule could set the date in a property, but is it possible to access the date for existing cases?

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Hi James,

My name is Mark. I am a Platform Solution Developer at MatsSoft and am here to help you.

Unfortunately accessing keystage completion data is not something you can just do out of the box. If you really needed to get hold of old record data in order to backfill existing records, this would require Custom Code.

However, going forward, as you have clearly figured out already, a rule to set a property value. at the point the keystage in question is set, is the way to go.

I’m sorry it’s not better news regarding the historical data. If this is essential that you access this, please come back to us and we will ask your Account Manager to discuss your options with you.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards - MP
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Hello James,

Just out of curiosity, what are you trying to achieve or implement?

There could be another way :slight_smile:



A bit late to the party, but to add another voice - the capability that James is asking about would be immensely useful. There have been may occasions where I’ve had to add rules and object data fields to track historical activity that duplicates data the platform is already tracking automatically.

It would be great if Mats would expose objects (or whatever construct makes sense) that allowed read-only access to process and field histories.



Hello All,

I attended a platform roadmap meeting recently and raised the issue of being able to access history data, such as required here. I believe that we are looking at how feasible this is. I will report back if I hear the outcome of these discussions.


Great! Thanks for the update Mark.