Add Callback to Relation ticklist widget

The Relation Ticklist is a Widget, but you use it like you would use a Fragment. With Fragments you are able to use callbacks in order to refine the behaviour of the Fragment. However, callbacks are not available with relation ticklists. It is therefore not possible to tailor them, and the options that come with them only give limited functionality.
Please add callbacks to Relation Ticklists.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for the suggestion.

We get more requests for customisation to the Relation Ticklist widget than any other standard fixed widget. Because we cannot accommodate all of the requested behaviours of this widget we will be transforming this widget into a Code Studio widget so that a developer can easily adapt the existing one to meet your needs.

So we don’t plan on exposing a callback function to the existing widget at the moment.

A couple of improvements made in 10.4:

  • A minimum number of selected relations can be specified.
  • Subset-restricting the Selector Path records in the dropdowns.

A couple of improvements coming in 2020.1:

  • Specify order that relations should be listed in
  • Limit the records shown to those already related via another relationship path

I’d be interested to here the specific way you were keen to customise the widget with a callback function.