Add expiry time to Authenticated Web Page Link


Is there a way to set an expiry time frame on a Authenticated Webpage link sent via email? I am looking for a link to be available more than a one time session (they may need to access it a few times) but to be able to deactivated it after a fixed period or when a specific date is reached?

Thanks in advance.


We do this kind of thing quite a lot by having a boolean in the form’s object that when ticked hides all the data input fields and shows an information widget saying this form has expired / this form has already been submitted etc (Depending upon the use case). You could set a rule to tick the boolean if a certain amount of time elapses.

here is an example

Hi Kevin, Thank you, this is the approach I have taken so far when they move to the last page fields are hidden and they get a similar message, just wondered if there was a to deactivate the link as such but glad to know the approach works.

I did have an idea a while back about having an empty object 1-1 with the case object and you use the empty object as the base for the authenticated link. If you then delete the empty record the link will no longer work, but they will get a context doesn’t exist error which isn’t great UX.