Anyone using the REST API

Trying to find out if reports have to be run on Liberty Converse before you can pull the Call data which would be cumbersome. I hoping that I will be able to pull the Call data at least every hour without any need for human interaction. Can this be done?

Hi Mart,

You would have to use the Saved Reports API, as the standard Reports API is can only go down to a single day, if you wanted to do hourly

But if you create a Saved Report with the filters set to how you want the data to be filtered/displayed/formatted, you can then call the Saved Report API as often as you like without having to go in to the Converse App and running the report first. The API will always get the latest data for you each time it’s called.


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Just to clarify, when you say “Call Data”, do you mean the list of interactions or the call recordings?


thanks for getting back Jonathan

I don’t need the recordings just the detail who what where and when
This sort of data as taken from the API guide page 14
“Type”: “Messaging”,
“Direction”: “Inbound”,
“TimeQueued”: “27/11/2019 12:08:42”,
“TimeEnded”: “27/11/2019 12:09:28”,
“Queue”: “Tech Support Queue”,
“Skill”: “”,
“Agent”: “John Davies”,
“CustomerName”: “”,
“CustomerContact”: “MatildaMedias”,
“Duration”: “00:00:08”,
“QueueWait”: “00:00:37”,
“Result”: “Completed”,
“ActivityCode”: “”,
“TalkTime”: “00:00:08”,
“CallHoldDuration”: “00:00:00”,
“WrapUpDuration”: “00:00:01”,
“AssistedBy”: “”,
“TransferredTo”: “”,
“InteractionId”: “13”,

Ok thanks for clarifying. So you can invoke the API throughout the day as per the reply from Josh and it will return you the list of interactions completed so far. When processing this data, you can then use the Interaction ID to dedupe it.

Hope that helps.



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