Applying a price to a selected item

I am building a form for a chargeable service which will have a link to our payment system but with varying prices.

I have a dropdown listing 12 items and then there is another field to establish if they are in our area or not. The price will depend on the item selected and the location.

I know I can do this with rules (if selects item1 and in Ashfield then £50) but is there a way of doing this without having to have 24 rules? I will need the price to display on the form and also be able to use this value in the payment integration.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you have a table of charges (3 columns - item, in/out area, price) then use an “add relationship using matching rule” to ensure the case is linked to the correct charge using the 2 criteria. I’ve not done this using more than one criteria, but i see you can have multiple matching fields and I assume they are ANDs rather than ORs.