Archive User's within the User list


Is there a way we can Archive user’s on the User list? At the moment we can set the user’s as Active or Inactive but it would be useful if we could create an Archived user list?

Has anyone tried this before?



Would find this feature useful too from an audit point of view.

Hello There, my name is Mark and I’m part of the Community Team here at Netcall.

If it’s just a list you want just create a rule that says if a User is set to inactive, then add to a Subset called Archived Users.

That subset should be event driven so the Rule alone places the User into that group.

Then, to see your Archived User list just create a list widget, restrict the list by the Archived Users subset, enable downloading on the list widget, and off you go.

You should then be able to view and export your Archived Users.

Hope this was what you were looking for! MP

In addition to what Mark Pearson said above: Adding a “Last Login Stamp” to your subset would be useful too.
I imagine if you have hundreds of users on your list and you don’t need to see those records “unless they have RECENTLY logged in” i.e. adding a subset of users say “logged in within last month” will be even better.

Yup, that too Asif. And depending how clever you wanted to get with it, or how granular, adding a Search widget with useful parameters such as Sart and End Dates (Of your records) you can get down to the most detailed of reporting. This, of course. applies to most pages in Create that show listings of anything. Add a couple of nice looking charts or graphs and you have a very handy Dashboard page for whatever it is you are trying to examine!

Thank you for the advice, it is really useful!

You’re welcome Amy. Did it work out for you? MP