Back Button Issue

Hi guys, I am having difficulty in displaying a ‘back’ button on pages. I am using version 10.4. The ‘display back button’ in the viewports are ticked, but no button shows. I have ‘display sub tab navigation’ in the viewport turned off, and ‘display page navigation’ in the sub-tab turned off. What am I missing ?

Hello Bob,

The back button isn’t persistent when navigating around an application.

It’s only displayed in a viewport when:

  1. The page being viewed accepts a context record id. Typically associated to pages with a base object set for viewing one record

  2. and the context record ID was provided by the previous page.

For example:

  • Page 1 - Displays a list a records found within an object with an internal link to page 2 on each row of the list.
  • Page 2 - The page loads with the context record ID provided to it by the internal link on Page 1. The back button is displayed.