CH for Local Government comes to the AppShare

The Netcall Citizen Hub (CH) Framework is a set of Accelerators and Modules designed to support Local Government with digital citizen engagement. It also delivers end-to-end case management and self-service for Citizen Customer Experience.

The AppShare has a large number of pre-built citizen engagement Modules to jumpstart digital customer self-service, and all the modules are free to download from the Netcall AppShare This makes the Framework easy to extend, and tailor, to meet your individual council needs.

The Core of the framework is designed to manage data capture and process flows. Each module offers what will be a standard process for the majority of customers. You can then tailor each module to suit your specific council needs and branding, meaning your digital transformation will match 100% of your specific requirements. No more waiting for vendors to make changes, and it’s future-proof too! If regulations, or your needs, change then you can quickly update your processes at no cost.

And that’s not all, we have also extended our training program with a dedicated CH Training course, so, in three days, you will learn to deploy, create and share your own CH Module with other Local Government Create users.

Finally, have you signed the Digital Declaration? Well, CH supports you with open standards, process sharing and easy collaboration across Local Government.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the AppShare and have a look!