Community V2 Launch – T Minus 4 days and counting

On Launch, Community V2 will offer a new Local Government framework called Citizen Hub, or CH for short. This CH framework includes a pair of accelerators to support a case management engine, employee UI, and citizen portal.

It is designed support a library of Public Sector self-service Modules such as Bulky Waste, Pot hole reporting and Pest Control. All of these, plus many more, will also be available on the new Community AppShare.
These modules can be simply downloaded and plugged into the CH framework, as and when needed, to help you accelerate your implementation go-live.

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Is this different to the Citizen Hub accelerator?
Cumbria County Council are running an early version of Citizen Hub (Agent, Apply, Portal) on MATS 10.2, will the self service modules be compatible with this?

Hi Craig, this is an evolution of the old Accelerators made possible by the introduction of modules which is a new feature of 10.3. The plan however is if you wanted to, is to make it possible for you, or us with you to modify the old framework post a 10.3 upgrade (although i would wait for 10.4) to support modules. That way you could use what you have but enable the use of modules as add on services from the AppShare.