Compare a date composite to a date property

I’ve built a booking system and I have a sequence of rules to generate a pdf which displays a tables of tomorrow’s bookings.

Part of this sequence is a rule with an “add relationship to all existing records” with a subset constraint and a filter that has one condition. A (date) composite of the Booking object’s “Start” attribute (date and time) equals to the File’s Report Date (date) property.

This rule is failing to find matches.

If I remove the subset or change it to match against another (undesired property) I receive matches, which leads me to believe the data and relationships are good.

Is there a knack to using date fields in this way? Is the “Start” attribute a normal Date and time data type?


Hi XCraig, I’ll take a look and get back to you MP

Hi Craig,

I have had a couple of instances where this has happened with date fields and have had to create additional properties and copy the composite value into the property to compare. Would be interesting to know if there is a knack to it or something simple to change.

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Yep, as per Sarah’s suggestion I created a few composites ‘slot day’, ‘slot month’ and ‘slot year’ matching to ‘report day’, ‘report month’ and ‘report year’.