Controller upgrades

HI, using 2020.1 and upwards versions, we now have the ability to backup and application, infrastructure and data. Is it possible that these backups can be made to be moveable, so we can use the backup to create a clone in a separate environment?

Hi Robert,
As you’d know the Backup contains the data and it is purely for the ‘rollback purpose’.
You can however create snapshot and install it on some other environment. But you cannot do the same for Backups currently.

Hi Robert,
To add to the above, you can create a snapshot of one environment and upload to another environment but they must be on the same version, e.g. “2020.1” on both.
I believe if you want the Data from the environment copied over as well as the code then this is best done by Netcall.

Hi Asif, thanks for the response. Is this under consideration for a future release? I can see this as a very handy tool if it can be catered for. Thanks again, Bob.

Hi Robert,
I am checking with the product release and management teams if there is a plan to include it in the future releases, will come back with an answer soon. Thank you for the suggestion anyway.

Hi Robert,

In short, Yes!

We thought this might be requested and your post confirms it - thanks!

We could certainly make restoring a backup into a different environment of the same application possible. (We might choose to restrict putting backups from live into other environments to help prevent production data leaks.)

Allowing restores into different applications is technically more difficult and we don’t plan to do that for now, but sounds like you’re interested in same-applications copies.

I can’t promise, but maybe we will plan to get this in our planned April Release?