Converse Desktop Application

Regarding Application packaging.
Is it Possible to include the following in future releases: regarding the Converse Desktop Application.

  • Add an optional “command line option” that allows us to specify the installation directory.
    We need this so that it’s possible to install 2 versions at the same time otherwise they overwrite the
    last version.

  • Start icon name to be adjusted to include the version number so that different versions can be

    • If this was included as well as the option above, no additional packaging work would be needed
      and it could go straight to the deployment options.

Can we also ask what other companies do instead of having 2 versions (when Upgrading the App to include change control) of the software on devices. Perhaps there is a better or recommended process that we should be following.


Can you explain why you need to have two different versions of the Web Agent application installed at the same time please? This should not be necessary. In fact, the correct process is to have the application installed into the default folder which is the users AppData folder to that they have full write permissions and therefore updates can be deployed automatically. Is there a reason why this is not acceptable?

Many thanks

Jonathan Gunner