Converse - service level report

The service level report in converse is based on ended time of the interaction.

I think that it would be more useful and give better insight into customer experience if this could be based on the queued time rather than ended time. Particularly when looking at email where a longer response time could be expected. eg, as our centre does not open on Saturday or Sunday no email work is completed until Monday therefore we are not easily able to see what level of service a customer would receive if they were to email on saturday.

Hi Adam,

You will be glad to know we already have a solutions for this. In the SLA settings page, there is a new setting called “Business Hours”. Here you can define your opening times for email so that SLA is measured against these times. This was added to Liberty Converse which of course you now have.



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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve started using this and is a brilliant feature and thats what has prompted my question/suggestion. When reporting on the service level received it is reported relative to when the email was completed rather than when the email queued.

For example, we have a tendancy to report missing our SLA on Tuesday but this isnt the case, the emails that have failed to meet the service level on Tuesday are those that are left over from Monday or earlier. It would be good to be able to identify better when we failed rather than when we caught up.