Copy of form without mandatory fields


I’m looking to create a copy of an existing form but without the mandatory fields so that it can be filled in anonymously by a user.

Is there a quick and efficient way of doing this or will I have to create a copy of the page with all the same fields, rules, processes etc?


@Craig.O ,

All components have a duplicate function, so you can duplicate the component. Therefore the most efficient way would be to duplicate the page and remove what is not necessary.

With the help of being able to use specific shortcuts in page builder, we can remove the mandatory fields easily. We can use the shift/ctrl method (Windows: Ctrl/Shift + Click, Mac: Cmd/Shift + Click) to select multiple items and make changes at one time on the settings panel. So using the shortcuts, highlight all the cells you want to remove the mandatory setting from, then on the settings panel make the change, and you’ll see that we’ve bulk-updated your fragments.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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