Create - Apply Heading 4, Collapsing to Group

We all love a collapsing heading.
However at the moment it doesn’t appear that this can apply to a group of widgets.
We would like to apply one to a a list too.

Is this something that could be possible?


Hi Karl,

This is a feature that could be added into the platform at some point in the future and I have noted it down. To support this, I suspect we might go for an event-based system. ie. An element is configured to trigger a client-side event and any fragment/widget can be configured to listen to that event and hide/show.

In the meantime, this could be achieved with a Code Studio custom presenter/widget placed in the page, since its javascript can address any other area of the page.


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Hi Karl,

I have created a custom code studio collapsible header widget that can be configured to hide anything on a page with a matching css class.

This hasn’t been added to the app share but if you wanted to try it out, send me a private message with your email address and I will send it over.


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Thanks @paul.frossell that sounds promising.
@ged.poviliunas expect a PM shortly

@ged.poviliunas can we have it for the AppShare? Just need some documentation and we’ll get it up there.

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