Creating a simple call logging interface

Hi, I’m trying to create a very simple (so I thought) interface for logging calls. I want the users to be able to create a record (and therefore trigger a timer) as soon as the phone is answered and then add details throughout the call before closing it (and stopping the timer) The purpose is to help is to refine our web content and self service offering by recording why people call us in the first place. I want to be able to do this in a single page (or with pop up) so that as little effort as possible is required by the person using the interface.

The problem I am having is creating the initial record ‘in page’, either it won’t create the record until a submit event and therefore the timer always records 0 minutes because, in effect, the case is created and closed at the same time. Or the case ref persists and I can’t get it to refresh and move onto a subsequent case.

Has anyone else built something similar, or can point out the really obvious thing I’ve missed…?

Good Morning Richard,

As you have anticipated, you will need to spawn the record for the timer to start.

I don’t currently know of anyway to have that happen automatically without creating an infinite loop as the page refreshes after a submission.

My recommendation would be to have your initial page either as a lone submit button or capture something prescient to the call such as line or call group. Your submit then can take you into the context record, whereby you can fire an event action on the close call to stop the timer.

Another simpler option which may suit your needs would be to place a datetime picker on the page with a default of ‘Current Time’ and set the presenter as Hidden, you could then create a rule to set the time on submission or use the created date attribute. A composite of duration could then be calculated on the difference between the two.

Let me know which route you choose and how you got on.