Cumulative Average Wait widget for dashboard

Is it possible to show the cumulative average wait time for the day in a dashboard widget?
I know we can show the average wait, but that is for the currently queued calls only.
If this is not available can I make a feature request?

Hi @mattw, great question. So I am using 5.5.4 on my system, and I have an Average Wait Time Widget that I can configure to show me, Live, Last 15 Minutes, Last 30 Minutes, Last Hour, Last 4 hours but also Today (that’s the one you want), This month, This Quater and even This Year. (That’s a lot of options)

What do you see when you add an Average Time Widget?

Does this do what you need? If not you can of course raise feature requests using the new ideas portal here Ideas (

Let me know if it helps if not we can take a look and see if another widget solves the issue.


Jonathan Redsell

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the quick reply. That is really useful.
Unfortunately I don’t see the Time Period option in the widget

We are currently on 5.1.2 though, so that could be it?

Hi @mattw, yes, if you speak to Support, they can arrange an upgrade to the latest version for you. If you check out the Help Portal ( Documents tab at the top, you can see all the shiny new things we have added since 5.1.2.

Hmmm, my credentials don’t appear to work there.

It’s ok, there was a second trailing / in your link that wa smaking my browser freak out.
All good.
Thanks Jonathan