Currency data type

I need to use dynamic currencies for my ‘money’ fields. In order to do this I need to create a field with data type ‘currency’. I am trying to create my Currency field, but cannot find ‘currency’ in the list of data types. Why can I not see the currency data type?
I am working in v10.3, but have also looked in a v10.4 environment.

Hi Angela, I have just looked in 10.3 & 10.4, and currency is in the drop-down list.

Hi Robert,
Unfortunately, it does not appear in the list of data types in my builds (either in the drop-down when creating a new property in an object or in Data store / Data types). Perhaps someone in your organisation added a data type called ‘Currency’?
Or maybe there is a setting elsewhere that has been set in you builds but not in mine.

As far as I can tell, the best way to find out whether a data type came with the build or was created by a builder is to go into the data type and have a look at the ‘history’ page. If the history is blank or only has ‘modified’ activities, then the data type is a base data type. If the history has a ‘created’ activity, then it was created by a builder.

It appears there might be an issue using the currency data type field to set the currency symbol for a money field, I haven’t worked with this previously so I am not sure if i am going the correct way about it.

I do think we are ok with the Data types as currency is something provided but not set up initially, you first have to set up the Data type before you can use it to define a property for an object, but now we need to question how we use this currency field to set the Dynamic currency setting for a money field, does this have to be a ‘many to one’ or ‘one to one’ relationship for the property to be selected? as when selecting the object where both a Money and currency property exists, we are presented with nothing to select.

So the question now is - how do we use the Currency field that we have created to control the currency of a Money field with a dynamic currency. Have followed the instructions in the Help, but LibertyCreate is not including our Currency field in the ‘Dynamic Currency’ drop-down for the fragment used to display the Money property.
Does anyone have experience of working with dynamic currencies?

Hello Angela,

In order to use dynamic currency, you need to follow these steps (I know that you’ve already created the data type, but still I’ll include it here):

  1. Create a new Data Type Currencty with Base Format “Currency” (by default the data type currencty is not included in the standard provided);
  2. Create a new Data Type Money (Dynamic Currency) with “Money” Base Format and select “Dynamic currency” for option “Available currencies”;
  3. Create 2 properties in any of your object where you are going to use the Dynamic Currency - one for the Money and the other one for Currency.
  4. When you add those properties on a Form (or listing widget), you will be asked to configure the Money field and select a relationship to field which is “Cynamic currency” type - here you can select your currency field.
  5. Now when adding a record using that form you will be asked to select the currency and then enter the money amount.

I hope this helps.


Hi Pavel,
Thanks for that. The main issue I had was that I could not find ‘Currency’ in the list of base formats. My environment has now been upgraded to v10.4 and I can now see the Currency base format.
I have now followed your instructions and am now able to access dynamic currencies.