Customizable fields within personal details for Directory entries


Would it be possible to develop customizable fields within the directory entities personal details?

To expand, I would like to add contact numbers on an entities personal details which is visible on the anonymous directory, but isn’t visible on the contact centres directories as a transferrable contact.

So if you look at the attachment, a field (or option for multiple fields) where you can customize the title of the personal information, such as “Contact”, “Building”, “Room Number” and then the blank box which those details could be added to.

On the Anonymous directory, this would then appear with maybe a customizable symbol OR a non specific symbol (like a full circle) with that detail.

The workaround at present is to type the details that need to be displayed in one of the optional fields already available, but aesthetically (and for us with minor OCD), this isn’t ideal, as it’ll read “Company” - “01245 36 2000” for example, which makes little sense (also makes it look like us lowly admins don’t know how to complete the fields correctly).

Of note - the comments field does not appear on the anonymous directory as this is a communication tool between agents (mostly switchboard) and the administrators.

Hoping to hear back soon :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Lauren Hider

Hi there @laurenhider and thanks for the post. To others this feature request came from a discussion with myself and @JonathanGunner yesterday about having the ability to have additional “custom” fields against an entities personal details that would not be picked up through ContactPortal but could be displayed when browsing the directory either as an Agent or from the Anonymous browse option build into Liberty Converse, but also add a number that would be displayed in the directory but not allow an agent to transfer to (view only).

It would be really good to find out if any other customers of Converse would find this feature(s) useful so please do post and this will then help us better understand your needs and build out the feature.