Data import/export

2020.1 provides great features to define Object properties, from a CSV file upload.

It would be great if we could have a similar capability when defining Imports. i.e. I have to manually create each column from the spreadsheet and marry that up with the fields. When you have a 100+ fields, this can be time rather time consuming. Perhaps an Import CSV which matches the column names in row 1 to the fields from the Object.

Additionally, could we have the data type as a new column in the Columns section of Import for a filter. i.e. Just show me the Money fields, or Text fields.

Finally, a checkbox capability in this list so you can bulk delete/move would also be very useful.

Hi Andy,

Glad you are enjoying the speed of defining properties with the CSV upload.

Defining the columns of a CSV import from a CSV upload sounds sensible. My initial thought when I read that was to expect one row per column in the CSV file, then you could potentially specify the other settings for the columns. But perhaps, as you suggest, you are only really concerned with getting the fields maps and it would be more convenient to expect the field names to be in a single header row (as they would be in the actual data file). It is likely to be hard for mappings to related objects to be guessed by the import based upon name-matching alone. Added to the wishlist.

The “Columns” tab already has a lot of field inputs side-by-side so I think the horizontal space is too precious to add a Data Type dropdown. But I can see how this would be useful. Maybe we could design a filter built-in to the dropdown of fields - that way, it could be used everywhere throughout Build Studio. What do you think?

Multi-selecting columns for delete/re-order added to the wishlist.


Thanks for coing back.

  1. If you can at least import the CSV to create the fields, that would deal with the bulk. I would expect you still have to go through and check each one and sort out any related fields manually.

  2. Yes I think using what we alreay have as column headings and designing a method to filter would be ideal, especially in other ares of build that we do not realise the benefit of what this could give us.

Understood. Thanks Andy.