Data Retention & Recovery


Our data retention policy within Converse is currently set to 15 months after this time interaction history is deleted. In the event we need to report over this timescale is the data still available via Netcall Support?

Is there a recommended retention period or a reason to suggest this shouldn’t be increased further?

Many thanks


Hello Karl

I can confirm that in Liberty Converse the maximum data retention policy is 730 days.

The default is set to 456 days and after this data is deleted completely from the system, and no access to this data would be obtainable from Netcall.

If data retention is required what I would suggest is saving the Interactions report data either monthly or at the most every 3 months to a network store.

Note that Call Recordings are only stored for 90 days, if you need to obtain call recordings for longer I would suggest setting up an archiving script to copy the call recordings from the Liberty system to a network data store. Call Recordings can easily be found outside of the Contact Centre Interactions report using the Call ID which is stored in the Interactions Report. Using the Saved Interaction report and an archiving policy for call recordings that should enable you to store information for as long as you require.

I have also been advised that we do intend to allow more control over data retention including call recording retention in a future release of Liberty Converse early next year

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Hi Jonathan,

It would be great if we could schedule the reports to run (as often as we wanted them), to save remembering to run them to store historical data.

Let’s hope this function is coming soon…

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for your reply, that’s useful to know.
We also support Tracy’s request regarding scheduled reports. This would be very useful.

@tracylancashire & @Karl

We hear you, watch this space, we have some very big plans on this and look forward to sharing details soon.

But that’s all I can say at the moment (sorry for teasing like this)