Date pickers on mobiles with dependancies

We have a date picker field to choose the date the applicant received a notification.

We than have 2 continue buttons set to show dependant on the date date selected.
If date is 28/09/2020 or later or empty hide one.
If date is earlier than 28/09/2020 or empty hide the other.

Both buttons are hidden on opening the page.
Both buttons show on mobile browsers when a date is selected.

Works correctly on laptop browser.
Using a different dependency such as hide if empty works.
Seems to be only when a date is used.

Tried with Chrome and Edge mobile.

Afternoon Lee,

Would you be so kind as to message me with a link to a demo page and some credentials and I will take a look for you and raise a bug if necessary.

Many Thanks

Thanks Adam, I have raised this as a bug this morning.