Deduplicate Records


I’ve just spotted ‘deduplicate’ in Validator > Errors > Subset duplicates and it’s fantastic - is there any chance a version of this could be created for records - i.e. a widget where you could select the object and fields you’d like to check for multiples of, and change all the relationships to use the correct record instead?


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Hi Victoria,

Glad you like the subset deduplication!

It is an interesting idea to provide a widget for deduplicating records. I will make a note of the idea for future consideration.

Fixed widgets like this should now be built in Code Studio (whether by Netcall or someone else). But it is quite a big task. At least it is if you are going to have a nice form to select which record to keep and also to be able to merge field data and relationships from different records into the one remaining).

As an aside, prevention is often better than cure. Remember that data types can have “Enforce unique” selected. Enforcing unique combinations of fields is more difficult but can be done with fairly simple Validators in Code Studio.

One easy way to find your duplicates is by grouping a listing of your records by all the fields that should be unique, include a ‘count’ column and then manually order the list (desc) by that column to find duplicates.

Thanks again for the idea!