Differentiating and Reporting on CallBacks


Is there a way to differentiate our interactions between those waiting on phone and those who have requested a call back via QueueBuster? Apologies if I have missed this, I have looked at a couple of options and cannot see a way.

From the interactions report, I would like to see which interactions were completed as a result of the QueueBuster, Currently all appear as inbound and I cannot see a way to filter or differentiate these. If there is an API available happy to take this into Power BI to do.

Ideally we would like to be able to also view the following however the above is my highest priority.

View the breakdown of how long the customer queued for before selecting QueueBuster and how long the waited for the callback.
On a dashboard split up the queuing calls and longest wait time to live calls v QueueBuster calls.

I have tried exporting the interactions report from Converse and the QueueBuster History from the Admin reports for me to look up and compare myself however the ID for the QueueBuster report does not match the interaction ID on the interaction report (I can only see this when clicking into each individual interaction and viewing the events) so unable to compare easily.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Hi Sarah.

This can depend on the Setup/Config you have on your Contact Centre and where you return calls to form CallBack itself.

This may take some reconfiguration if not already done so but this may help in achieving what you need.
Have a single CallBack Queue within your Contact Centre, the CallBacks will then be configured into this single Queue but routed based on Skill. Within the reports you will be able to then report on all CallBack calls as a separate Queue and also split these out via their Skill, this would also mean you can configure Dashboards to separate these calls/skills as well.

If this is something that sounds like providing you what you want I would be happy to go through this setup with you, and indeed anyone else who is interested in how this works and looks.

Please let me know and I can arrange something of a show and tell on this.

Many thanks

Jonathan Redsell

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, a separate queue could work. Let me know when would be best to discuss.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Sarah, I have dropped you a direct message with my details, send me an email and we can go from there.

Great to talk to you @sparker hope that helped. So for all others interested what did we do?

Well first was to create a Queue within the Contact Centre Group called CallBack Queue. This will be used to send all CallBacks back to. So there is no need to set a skill or priority, announce call positions and all that as it’s just a System Queue.

Then we went into CallBack - Group - Phone Book and set each route to go back to the CallBack Queue but with the required Skill and Priority required.

This means that you can view all CallBacks by a single Queue or by Skills and filter these out or in within your Reports and Dashboard.

We have a great course that looks at Contact Centre Administration with Telephony within our eLearning portal so do check that out, we don’t have a CallBack one as yet but we are working hard on creating these (it’s the downside to Dev creating so many cool new features/products, there’s so much eLearning to update/add).

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@JonathanRedsell Thank you for your help, It is all working wonderfully. This will make our reporting on volumes and SLAs so much easier.