Dynamic currency - make it dependent on form field instead of Data object field

When creating a form to add a record that has a monetary value that is dependent on a dynamic currency you are required to specify the currency field in a data object that the money field depends on. However, as far as I can work out, it doesn’t actually use this information for ‘Add’ since the record has not yet been created.
I would like to suggest that you modify build studio so that it is possible to make the monetary value field dependent on a currency field in the current form. And when the currency field is updated, it sets the currency prefix for the money field.

Hi Angela,

You specify the source of the currency in the fragment settings of the money field.

If the field corresponding to the “field path” selected in that setting is present in the form (in another fragment), the Money field’s dynamic currency symbol will change whenever the currency field in the form is changed, including in the context of adding a new record.

I see you have asked a separate question about the currency being dynamic to a field of a selected relation - that requires a much longer answer, so I will answer that separately shortly.