Event History widget

Hi - I’m trying to display information on a page primarily interested in who has viewed or changed information. Have added the Event History widget to the page and that seems to be working however I wondered does anyone know how I can set the filter options by default to only display specific types of action e.g. record viewed? Also how to modify the filter with a reset option to clear all filters as the widget appears to be locked from modifications? Many thanks

Hi Rhian,

Admittedly, there is room for a lot of (fairly obvious) improvement here!

The only control (in the widget settings) you currently have (I think) is to control the “Verbosity” of output (see popup setting help). Custom events can have their verbosity set by the builder but not the system events currently.

And the end user can select an individual event and change the verbosity (if allowed).

If it is super-important to your application to control this, it might be worth the overhead of creating a bespoke event history. Rules - triggered by just the events you are interested in - can be used to create child relations in an ‘Event’ object. In this setup, a Search widget and Listing widget combo would give you supreme flexibility.

We certainly could provide settings for default filters etc. If you want to reply with any more details on what you’d like to see and I can add to the queue for possible implementation.


Hi Paul

Many thanks. The Event History widget is something I just stumbled across and does give us the ability I believe to achieve what we need to. It may be that I’m going down the wrong path and that there’s another way to achieve this. I’m trying to extract a list of each time a record has been viewed, and by which user. I’m a new builder so please forgive me if I’m going down the wrong track on this one. If there’s a simpler/more efficient way to achieve that grateful for any advice you can give.