Export audit history to CSV & filtering on audits

Hi Netcall community,

Would it be possible to add a new feature in Mats which would allow exporting of a fields audit history to CSV file format?

Another useful feature we would benefit from in our project is the ability to filter applicable fields to audit history, instead of seeing all changes made to a certain field we would like to see only pre-defined criteria in within the log.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi John,

Regarding the export from the “Field Value History” widget - great idea. I have added that to the wishlist (alongside the same feature request for the “Event History” widget).

I don’t understand your second request though - Can you give an example of “pre-defined criteria”?

Hi Paul, thanks for taking my first suggestion on-board, it would really help out our project if this can make it into a release soon.
As for the second request, as it stands on the audit history on a field you see all changes that have been made to it. What we would like to do is only select certain changes in the audit history. Such as the ability to only select changes between X & Y date, or select changes made by a single user, or perhaps select only deletions to a field.



Hi John,

My guess now is that you are looking at the feature of showing history against an individual field in your page - the “Show value history” settings causes a clock symbol to be displayed which, when clicked, reveals historical values for that field. If so, we are unlikely to provide search filters in that context because it is already record-specific and field-specific.

I was referring to the “Field Value History” widget which can be used in the view or a single record or globally. It has most of the filters you desire - field, user, date from, date to.