Export data modeller as xml/json


Our data team would like the data model of our Liberty Create CRM. They want to be able to compare it with other products we’ve got that manage data about our residents as part of an overarching data strategy.

They’ve seen the Data Modeller and would like that information in xml or json so they can import it into their own data model visualisers. We also don’t want to give them build privileges on the CRM so they can look at the data modeller themselves.

Is there any way to get the info that’s in the data modeller (the objects, how they relate to each other and the fields within the objects) in a format that’s not just a picture?


Morning Duncan,

Unfortunately there is no alternative export other than the “print to pdf” option as you’ve noted.

May I suggest you add this as an idea in community, and if it gains support, we can look to add this in a future release.

Thanks Adam.

I’ve created an idea - https://ideas.netcall.com/i/ideas/p/feature/vote/idea/view?context_record_id=542519.

If anyone else comes across this post and thinks it would be nice to have this function please vote for it :slight_smile: