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This is my first time attempting to create an export file type, so apologies if this is basic stuff. When I export from the widget on my page, I see it is pulling the IDs of the data types from the object rather than the info needed into the spreadsheet. Any tips how I can resolve this?

Do I need to mark the Export File Type as “Save export to new record”? and create the new object for it to be saved to?

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In your exporter columns, can you try using the processor To Choice Text maybe?

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That worked! Thank you, Kevin. I completely forgot about processors!

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no probs, on your other query, you can save the exported file in an object if you wish (as you describe), but you don’t have to, you can just download it if that’s all you need.

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Hi all, thought I’d add to this thread rather than creating a new one.

Is there anyway to add a subset to the Export File Types columns?

Hi Louise,

You can add a subset to the overall export, is that sufficient?
If not, can you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve please.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your response. I have set up a Complaint Reporting export file type that will be scheduled and exported out via SFTP. I need to include all the columns we have from our main Complaint Reporting page in Liberty Create. I have added the majority of them: properties and composites. Apologies in advance if I am missing something obvious, but I cannot see subsets from this drop down to add as a column into the export file type? Screenshot below as an example.

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You are right Louise, Subset indicators cannot currently be added to exports, but I think that could be a useful addition. I’d recommend raising a suggestion for that in the Ideas Portal: https://ideas.netcall.com

In the mean time, you could create a text Composite which shows one of two values (“Yes” or “No” for example) based on whether the record is in the subset or not. This can then be included in your export instead.

Hi Bob,

Thanks, I will. And thank you for the composite suggestion. I will give it a go!

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