Exposing the Date/Time an existing case moved between process stages

I’ve been asked to make amendments to an existing process, including performing different operations based on how long a case has been sitting at its current activity. While I can see the timestamp for when the previous activity was completed using the Case stage List & Advance widget I can’t see a way to expose this value for use.

Is there anyway this can be done?

I’m not sure you can use that data (someone might correct me) but i would create a few more date/time fields, and have rules at each stage to stamp them in (set field value on stage complete). These will then be accessible for use in other subsets and rules

You are correct Kevin.

Alternatively, if this is for specific keystages only (i.e. to mintor SLAs), then you could trigger a timer to start when the stage is reached, and stop when reaching a later stage. Within the timer you can then set thresholds to fire events when certain durations have passed.

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Thanks both, that’s pretty much what I expected.

I will be using the case stage started event for triggering the timer in question for records which have yet to reach the stage.

However, the process owner requested that cases which are already at the stage in question have their targets adjusted to reflect how long they’d already been waiting at that stage for.

Based on this we’re going with a compromise and including a field which can be completed with the date from the widget and then base the calculation off that.