Feature Request - API Retry

As we have the ability to define API failure conditions, would it be possible to request a number of retries?

Possible features:
Real-Time vs Background Retries
Define Number of Retries (Default to 3)
Define time between retries in seconds
Define conditions when not to retry

Hello Adam,

We believe that there may be some functionality around API Retries in Mats V10.2.

I will investigate further and reply back to you. Your other suggestions regarding this functionality will be forwarded to the Core Team.

Many Thanks for posting here and supporting the Mats User Community.

Best Regards - MP

Hi Adam,

It is a good suggestion. We have considered building retry settings into the API Call config before and will keep your specific suggestions in mind.

It should be possible to construct a retry mechanism, specifying each of these settings, using rules. A subset could be created on the API Request object, defining what represents a “Failure” using, for example, the “Response Code” and “Date Created” attribute values. Once a failure is 5 minutes old, act upon the related record to trigger the same API call again. Managing a maximum number of retries would need careful thought but is possible.

Thanks again for your suggestion,