Feature Request - Editable URL field for logo image in theme area

In the theming section, if there was a theme for example for public pfacing webpages, and there was the ability to add a custom URL for the logo image at the top left of the screen, so instead fo going to the default login or home page, it would go to where the URL was specified.

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I agree. We work around it by using javascript to inject our own header with logo and URL into a page. (happy to share this if anyone is interested)

@markhawkins suggestion is a lot more elegant and easier to maintain.

Ah yes please for the moment may be useful many thanks @CraigBarker_Cumbria

@markhawkins Does this need to be overridden at the page level, the interface level or at any other navigation level?

I create a template of type “snippet”. In the Content for the template, view Source and enter the following code, make sure to enter the required URL in place of [LOGO HYPERLINK URL GOES HERE]

<script>function insertBefore(el, referenceNode) {    referenceNode.parentNode.insertBefore(el, referenceNode);}var newEl = document.createElement('div');newEl.innerHTML = '<header class="app-header navbar"><a class="navbar-brand" href="[LOGO HYPERLINK URL GOES HERE]" title=""><span class="sr-only">';var ref = document.querySelector('.app-body');insertBefore(newEl, ref);</script>

This is where its isn’t particularly elegant…
On your public webpage/authenticated webpage set the page basics to “Show Header Footer” = false.
In the page layout add an “Info by template” widget. Select the template you have create above.

The above script injects the same HTML and classes as used by the system if you had set “show header footer” = true. But changes the URL. The upshot is the styling doesn’t need change.

The info by template will be required on each public page where you want the URL to be custom.

NOTE: the is a knock on issue where in the build studio, for any page where you have added the info by template, the javascript messes with the build studio header, so you lose some functionality while building. This is rectified by clicking another menu option or navigating to a build element that doesn’t include the JS.

Thanks for the suggestion Craig!
MATS: is there any update on if this will be implemented to save updating every page with Craig’s info template workaround?

Hi James,

v10.5 brings in functionality we’re referring to as the “Portal feature set”. A number of our customers have deployed portals for customers, citizens and patients within their platform and this update brings a number of enhancements they’ve requested. The ability to deploy entirely custom header and footers per interface is included.

If there is anything else you’d like considered for inclusion then please create a post with the details.

Have a good weekend,

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