File Import into Booking Object

Hi All

I am trying to import a set of appointments into my booking object using file import (csv). I have tried a couple of methods but keep getting this error “Booking diary is not available”

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Hi Carl,

Funny you should ask this question as I have just been working with someone on a similar issue. The issue they were having was that every time they attempted to save a booking the platform would show a message saying that the record had not been saved as the Diary wasn’t available.

Upon investigation it was discovered that if you go into the Build Studio>Diary>Availability, you will see that the fields Slot Increments may appear blank. I found that if you enter a value, eg. 0 Hours 15 Minutes and Save, the entered value disappear, but if you then try to Save a booking again, it works. So it looks like there is a setting display bug making it look like no values have been entered.

So, in relation to your specific case, if you have never entered a value into the Slot Increment fields it might be that the diary simply won’t function as it doesn’t know what the allowable time slots for each booking is. Try setting the Slot Increment settings then Save and then try to make and save a booking, or simply retry your imports, starting with the method you initially tried, as that is likely to be the correct one.

I hope this helps. Please get back to us if you are still having issues!

Best Regards - Mark Pearson AppShare Manager

Hi Mark
I have had a look and my slot increments does have a value. I have no issue making a booking through normal means like a form. This functionality does work.

I am still having an issue trying to create a booking using File Import (csv).