File Import - restrict file types

I am developing an application that has different user types, who are allowed to upload different file types.
For each file type I have created an Import File Type and I have created different Data Load screens for different user types and restricted which Import File Types the user can access - all good.
However, the list on the Import Widget shows files previously loaded but not imported of any file type, not just those of the type my user is restricted to.
The problem here is that the use can then preview these files which may contain sensitive data and can Confirm to import these files or Cancel (delete) the loaded file.
What I need is for the list of existing files to be restricted in the same way as the file type drop-down is.

Hi Simon
Thanks for the question. I’m getting a massive wedge of brainpower looking into this for you!
Hopefully we’ll be back to you soon.
Cheers, Tony

Super, thanks.


Interestingly, the “History” is restricted to the chosen file type.

It doesn’t help, but it is interesting.

Thank you Simon,

Having reviewed this and given that Import History shows correctly, we have raised this as a bug, as we agree users should not have access to view imports they are not granted access to submit. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have progress.

Many Thanks