Formatting of date field when adding a data field/property to an email

We were looking at sending various emails out of MATS and we want a date based upon the situation of the case to be sent.

The format of the date is currently coming through as "Wed, 25 Jul 2018" and we would be looking to consider having it formatted as "25/07/2018" or similar. Can you give any advice on this?

Click on the date field in the message and you get the settings on the right of the build page as below:
Enter the example date given in the format you want it displayed, (ie: 03/12/2014) and that will result in the actual date being in that format.


Yep. That worked. Thanks.

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In Build/Locale/Defaults you will find controls to set the date format across the entire application, for all date field types.

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