Gathering customer comments/feedback

Hi all

Just wondering if there’s any pre-built functionality within Create for gathering customer feedback, or if not, how others have approached this?

I’m thinking of the kind of thing when you’ve completed an online form and give a star rating/comments, or on webpages under the section “is there anything wrong with this page?”


Hi Henry, welcome! There is a star presenter that is available on the AppShare for download - essentially you would have an integer field on your case that recorded the feedback, so would need to display it with the appropriate submit button. The other way I have seen this done is to email the customer on case completion (or other appropriate stage) with a link to an authenticated web page (with the case context) which just has a “How did we do” message, the star presenter and a submit button. I am sure others will chip in with alternatives.


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Just tried this Star Rating presenter, works perfect, thanks to @adam.mills!

We have auto ‘How did we do?’ surveys go out by Email/SMS at the end of case types with a couple of simple rating questions on. We get a good response from them and also trigger off additional case creation and processes if a customer is unsatisfied.

We find the input slider and the stars work the best. The ‘rating scale presenter’ with a 1-10 scale doesn’t always adapt on the mobile (Customers couldn’t see past 5 without turning their phones and therefor was affecting the scores.) changing this to the Input slider has resolved.


Great - thanks @richk, both of these sound like they could work for us depending on the scenario.

@sparker I like the idea of triggering additional case creation/processes for unsatisfied customers - a good way to show that we recognise and actively respond to feedback.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: