Getting Choice Text in an Event Processor

I think this has been covered before, but I sure can’t find it.

I’m creating an event processor that is fired when a record is created. Nothing special, but the first thing I need to do is get the text value from a Choice field. This is what I have so far:

var leg_recid		= params.record_id;
var leg_type		= mats.record(leg_recid).get(['OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type']);
mats.log('Rec type = ' + JSON.stringify(leg_type));

var leg_type_text	= mats.displayable('OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type', leg_type);
mats.log('Rec type text = ' + leg_type_text);
mats.log('Rec type text = ' + JSON.stringify(leg_type_text));

Looking at the log in Detective I see:

  • 10:37:44.3384 Saved Record 110085 (OCC>Legislation Record) in 0.0094s
  • 10:37:44.3392 Event Record created triggered on Record 110085 (OCC>Legislation Record)
  • 10:37:44.3407 Rule OCC>Generate Legislation Record Number triggered for Record 110085 (OCC>Legislation Record)
  • 10:37:44.3438 *** Entering OCC>Generate Legislative Record Number
  • 10:37:44.345 Invalid field path - “:OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type” (occurred 2 times)
    ******* Note this error - the field path is not invalid, and the record is returned. Bug?**
  • 10:37:44.3452 Rec type = {“OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type”:“DTC0000112DCDCA1”}
  • 10:37:44.3453 Rec type text = [object Array]
  • 10:37:44.3454 Rec type text = {“OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type”:“DTC0000112DCDCA1”}

So, a couple of things.

  1. record.get() is throwing an error on the field reference, but seems to be returning the field anyway. Not sure this is related or if it is a bug.

  2. mats.displayable isn’t throwing any errors, but, based on the log, doesn’t appear to do anything - I get back exactly what I put in.

Please feel free to point out stupid errors!



Hi Randy,

I’ve got a couple of suggestions to try!

var leg_type = mats.record(leg_recid).get('OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type');
This removes the square brackets as you aren’t passing in an array and that may be causing a problem.


This is using the ref function to return the field path.


Also the get function takes a second parameter, either editable or displayable!

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried ‘em both as follows:

var fred = mats.record(leg_recid).get(‘OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type’, ‘displayable’);

mats.log('fred = ’ + fred);

var barney = mats.record(leg_recid).get(mats.ref(‘OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type’, ‘displayable’));

mats.log('barney = ’ + barney);

But, the results are the same, I get the ID (in displayable format) of the selected choice. I get the same results replacing ‘displayable’ with ‘editable’ .

11:56:20.7088 fred = DTC0000115DCDCA1

11:56:20.7096 barney = DTC0000115DCDCA1

There might be a bug in the Reference processing code, but I couldn’t say if it would cause this issue. Whenever I use a Field Path Reference I see errors in the Detective like these:

12:01:45.0914 fred = DTC0000113DCDCA1

12:01:45.0923 barney = DTC0000113DCDCA1

12:01:45.093 Invalid field path - “:OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type_text” (occurred 2 times)

I haven’t reported it, officially, yet because I’m still not sure I’m not causing the problem.



Got it. I’d swear that I tried this, but I either did it wrong, or I - something else.

Anyway, this works:

var barney = mats.record(leg_recid).get(mats.ref(‘OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type’, ‘editable’));

mats.log('barney = ’ + barney);

var betty = mats.displayable(‘OCC_Ref_Fld_leg_type’, barney);

mats.log('Betty = ’ + betty);

Producing these results:

  • 17:51:50.0902 barney = DTC0000117DCDCA1
  • 17:51:50.0907 Betty = Resolution



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Congratulations @groswald, it seems like burning the midnight oil paid off!
Cheers, Tony