GIS Flood Warning Polygons

We have recently imported numerous shapefiles (Flood Warning Areas) into Liberty Create and I would like to show properties (points) that fall inside these polygon areas. Has this been done before?
If so, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

If the areas are fixed (i.e. not record data) then you can create subset for each, where the Properties which are within that Area (using the “Intersects” comparator in the subset). The Area can be defined as a Variable of type Geospatial Polygon.

However if your Areas are also records with a Geospatial Polygon field, then you need to use the “Add relationship to nearest” rule action. You can configure this so that when fired on one of your Area records, it will get related to all Property records within the Area’s polygon. This is because when using this rule action, a Geo Point that falls within a Geo Polygon counts as zero distance away. However you will need to se a Maximum distance in the rule of 1 metre, as using 0 doesn’t seem to work (I’ll find out if that is a bug and raise it if so).

The downside to the latter approach is that is a one time action so only works for the data at that point in time. If you later add new Properties, change their location, or edit the Areas, then you may need to clear the relationships and re-run the rule.

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That’s worked really nicely. Thanks Bob.

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