Having to refresh screen before entering activity codes

Are other users finding that they have to refresh their screen (F5) before the activity code lists appear? This issue seems to be affecting some of our users since the last Liberty update.

Hi, it’s not something i have heard anyone else mention, just for clarity what version of Liberty and Browser are you running?

Hi Dave,

We are using Microsoft Edge version 44.17763.1.0 and Liberty 4


OK odd?. We do of course support Edge in V4, so if no one else can pitch in with an answer I will get one of the Dev guys to have a play tomorrow and come back to you.

Hi Dave and Hus.

When out training with customers we use our training environment that is hosted in our cloud. I have come across this on some sites and it seems to be network related (as if I connect using a mobile hotspot it does not cause this issue yet going through customers wifi it can).

These are the only time I have seen this. We have never gotten to the bottom of what network related setting may be causing this but something to check would be to see the network route that you are accessing your Liberty system through. For example as it is a website you are accessing is the traffic going through a proxy server, can the server addresses be bypassed at all.

Other than that I have not seen this on any customers Cloud based solutions or on premis solutions only on our training system whilst accessing via some customer’s networks.

Many Thanks


Hi Hus,

Just to let you know that we are not aware of any other customers experiencing this issue specifically. I believe our support team have been in touch with you to discuss. I have tested this today on our system using the Edge browser and couldn’t reproduce the issue. It is possible that it is related to your current Liberty system running in Windows 2k8 and I know you have plans to move to new servers with 2k16. That may well resolve the issue.