How does Liberty Create treat imported data?

Lets say every week, you need to manually upload data to your application via an excel document.

If a record for ‘Test’ already exists in Liberty create.

And the uploaded data includes a record for ‘Test’ with new data that was not previously present in Liberty create.

Would it be uploaded as a new record (No relationship)?
or would it update the record already in Liberty create (Relationship)?

Hello there, this depends on whether your Import File is set to Match Else Create, or Create Only. If set to the former and the SAVE box is checked across certain columns in your import file, then these field’s values will be updated as part of a subsequent import, if a matching existing record for TEST is found. If your file is set to Create Only, the import will just import a second record for TEST and ignore the first. I hope this helps. MP

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Thanks Mark, that makes sense!