Importing WKT from an oracle database into a geospatial poly / point field

Hi all,

I’ve tried a few differant things on this to try and get the result i’m after. Basically I’m pulling some geospatial data (WKT format) from an oracle database via OPA. I know I can edit a geospatial field and paste in WKT so assumed I must be able to run this a little more headless!

I’ve tried to copy it to a text multiline field and then use a rule to copy it across but it seems to fail. I can’t see the record being updated in the detective either. I’ve looked around the code studio to see if I need to run it through a function first but haven’t been able to find anything.

Am I missing something obvious?



Just on the off chance this helps someone else! I believe the issue was down to me trying to push multipolygons into a geospatial polygon field. Polygons seem to work as expected.