In-app messages

I understand that in Liberty Create it is not possible to use Message-type objects for in-app messages (messages from one user to another within the application, rather than out to email or SMS). I am therefore having to manage in-app messages using a general object.
It would be useful for the Message object to be extended so that in can be used for in-app messages.

Angela asked a related question here:

[When a message is] sent by the system, it is marked as ‘outbound’. It is therefore not possible to reply to it because LC only allows you to reply to ‘inbound’ messages.
Is there any way of sending a message so that it is ‘outbound’ when viewed by the sender, and ‘inbound’ when viewed by the recipient?

I will try to reply to these issues together.

Hi Angela,

I reflected upon the limitation you are hitting and pondered whether there were any quick-wins we could implement in 2020.1. I don’t think there are but we may be able to do something in 2020.2.

The changes being contemplated that I think would solve many of your problems would be to:

  1. Allow “web” channel messages to be used to reply to any other channel of (outbound) message
  2. Allow replies to outbound messages to be made from the messages widget
  3. When defining a web-channel message in Messages, specify whether it is inbound/outbound (including reply-type messages)
  4. Allow messages that have a channel of ‘web’ to be created using normal widgets (to remove the need to use a general-type object and allow them to be ‘mixed in’ with messages of other channels).

In the context of replies, we would need to think through how we can make it easy to create the relationships to senders and receivers as appropriate too.

Any feedback on that plan would be welcome.