Intermittent call quality issues - Caller sounds robotic or underwater

We are running Converse on premises and both customers and staff are reporting poor call quality serval times a day. The symptom is the line sounds robotic or the caller or agent sound like they are under water.

We have a hybrid (remote/in office) contact centre and the issue doesn’t appear to follow a pattern. It is experience by both remote agents and office based agents, and also experience by users on landlines and mobiles.

I know this probably requires a support ticket, but reproducing and getting to the route of the issue could be difficult.

So I’m asking here in case anyone else has experienced this and can advise what causes this problem.

Hi @CraigBarker_Cumbria, It is certainly something you should raise as a support ticket but of course, finding examples of this is always problematic.

I can offer some words of advice to help troubleshoot the issue and ways to help support in assisting you.

  1. If you are recording the calls, take a listen and see if the Call Recording contains the issues you are experiencing - this will help identify if it is on the Agent end (i.e. a softphone/headset issue) rather than an issue through the network.

  2. If you have a call that you know to highlight the issue, please provide support with the Interaction ID - this is found in the Interactions report under the Interaction ID column

  3. Test/check to see if the same thing is happening to callers outside of calls through your Liberty Converse solution. Do people get this same issue if being called direct at all?

  4. Think about when this happens, does it co-inside with a particular time of day, and what are your call volumes like when it does happen?

  5. Make a note of how and what you are testing - i.e. you called x from a and went to y, and it happened, vs it didn’t happen when you called x from a and went to z.

I hope this helps you identify the area/scenario that is causing your issue and that it’s rectified quickly.

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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The other tip is to make finding problem calls more easy create a temporary Activity code called “Call Quality Issue”, then get the agents to tag any problems calls with this Activity code. Might be helpful if it is random or even let you see in reports if it is at specific times or call loads .

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Hi, @CraigBarker_Cumbria, and thanks to @JonathanRedsell for your tips. This is certainly something we can look at the specifics. Please contact support to raise a ticket if you need to.

However, when this issue is often isolated to one of the Converse servers, it is a resource issue. So before any investigation, it is worth checking they are installed according to our VM guide. The real-time nature of the VM-based call centre highlights any latency within the environment.

The “Platform Installation & Administration Guide” is available on the community. However, something to check is, that the vmxnet3 NIC, Reserve guest memory, and follow the low latency guide for HyperV or VMwere.

Also just check that all the snapshots are deleted.


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