Last Activity on a case


Is there a way to display to a user when a case was last modified? I’ve attempted using the Date Modified field, but this only seems to apply when the case has moved along in the stage process.

For context, I am currently working on creating a customer facing Portal where tenants can view their cases and repairs. For raised cases, I have the Current Activity to show which stage their case is at. However, I want to display a date/time (Last Activity) if someone leaves a note, uploads a document etc. so the case may not move along in the stage process, but it shows it’s being worked on.

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Hi Louise,

The date modified attribute will be updated for any changes to the case record itself, not just on process activity change.

But (depending on page configuration) note/document records created/modified in relation to the main case, may not register a modification to the case record itself.

One approach is to have a rule that triggers a modification to the case record itself whenever the note/document is created/modified. It could increment a ‘Number of modifications’ integer property OR set your own ‘Last modified’ property to current date/time. (But then still use the ‘Last modified’ attribute).


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Hi Paul,

Appreciate the advice. I’ll give it a go!

Many thanks, Louise