Liberty Converse: Agent-Agent Monitoring

So a feature that has come about after some training today with a customer, and I thought it would be good to see if this is a feature that other customers would welcome (if technically possible).

The feature request is that they have a new starter and they want the new starter to listen in to calls as the agent they are working with works with them. Currently the only way to do this is to have a split phone cable on the phones they use.

The request is to build this into Liberty Converse in a similar way to that of Supervisors being able to monitor a call.

I was thinking that this would work by either as a manager adding an agent as a Mentor and then assign the agent they are mentoring. The system then auto calls the new agent when the Mentor answers the call. The new starter cannot speak or interrupt the call and it ends once the Mentor ends the call.

So over to the community and our product owners. Is this something you would like to see as a feature would you find it useful? How would you like it to work?

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This is an interesting idea. I have a couple of thoughts- often a buddy mentor session relies on the agent sitting next to the mentor, so in between calls questions can be asked. In the proposed situation there would need to be two phones on the desk, one for the mentor and one for the trainee. This would avoid having to locate a split cable but each desk would require two phones. The trainee may be able to use their mobile phone to listen in, but they would probably want a headset to listen in for a whole session, and they may not have one. If the trainee would be listening from a remote room, from a separate phone, they might as well just listen to a bunch of historical call recordings (of their mentors calls). It would be interesting tio understand the context for the request (my thoughts about this may have totally missed the point!).

Thanks @Xavier101 that’s really good feedback that also highlights some interesting points on what is required on training staff and points out some items that hadn’t been thought of.

So an agent would be buddied with another to train and to be able to listen to calls live and discuss the call with their buddy. This would require an agent to be sat next to them and highlights a requirement for two phones. This would either require a second handset to be installed at the desk or the agent to have a mobile with headphones (ideally). Of course this probably wouldn’t be possible in most instances especially for a shot time (to have a second phone installed). This would mean that the most ideal solution for doing this would be to use a hardware splitter cable, as basically with out that close working it doesn’t really add any value.

So thanks for that. So does anyone else have any thoughts? How to you onboard your staff?

We do find this a issue when training new members of staff. Part of the training will be listening in to live calls with an experienced agent using split leads, which is absolutely fine. However, as with any best laid plans when you want a certain type of call to come in for a new starter to listen to this never happens.

Our current way around this is for the member of staff to sit at a supervisors screen, run an interaction report for the type of call they are training on and listen to these calls. Not ideal at all. If there was a way in which they could do this themselves at their own desk this would be great.

Thanks @tracylancashire for that.

One way to maybe help your point might be to download the call recordings of the calls you want to use for training and store them in a folder for agents to access.

I will see what other appetite for a possible feature to aid in this and speak to our product owners to see if there is anything that could be added. Your feedback has certainly been valuable to help understand the process that customers take when on boarding new starters