Liberty Converse - Agent Call Time Notification

We have had an enhancement request logged since the beginning of the year - CHG1012 - reagrding a new Alert for Agents that would display when “On Call” time reaches a specific threshold. Only the Agent would see the alert, but Supervisors could then report on how many such alerts in a given time period each Agent had triggered.
This enhancement has not yet made it onto the priority list, so we’re logging it here to see if this would be of interest to any other customers?
Appreciate any replies if you agree this would be a useful alert to have.

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Hi Douglas,

Personally I like this as a concept, I will get the Dev guys to dig out the status of the request, and as you say it would be helpful if anyone else could pitch in if they would like to see this in the product as a priority. That way it carries more weight with the Product team. One point to add however is this not equally useful for other media? What about emails that are not parked?

Hi Doug,

Thanks for posting the details of your request on to the community. I agree this would be a useful feature for both agents and supervisors.

It would help us to prioritise the request if other customers could comment if they would also find it useful and perhaps offer opinions on how they see it working for them.

Many thanks

Hi Doug,

This is not something we have thought of needing in our Contact Centre.

Having discussed it I I do not think it would be of use for the way we work. It would be an added pressure on staff to ensure they end a call quickly (or within the threshold). This would be a pressure on top of a job that’s already demanding with the type of customers enquiries staff deal with on a daily basis.

We are already monitoring performance over the course of a day/week/month and this is probably unnecessary pressure on top. If we felt there was a specific issue with an individual member of the team the current system reports would allow us to pinpoint lengthy calls to review.

Not sure this helps with your request for this to be on a priority list though !

Hi @Douglas this is an interesting one and one that I have to say i’ve not been asked about before on my travels with customers. I would say my first reaction was similar to @tracylancashire comment about adding pressure to agents to wrap up the call which I wouldn’t have thought would not add to the customer service experience.

That said I can totally understand the requirement in live monitoring agents time. Perhaps this is more of an alert for supervisors to then be able to look into things with the agent a little further, find any training requirements and such like to help bring call times down.

It’s certainly a good discussion to have that’s for sure.

I personally look at the call times in the Agent summary report to highlight key elements or use the Interaction report and then filter on call times per agent to get a breakdown of each call per agent (rather than just an average)

Another item that can be done using the Agent evaluation module is setting up to only review calls over a certain time.

It would be great to talk to you more on this though to see what can be done and how best to go about it.

Many thanks

Jonathan Redsell

@dave.amps Yes, this would work for all media as long as alert time was variable:+1:

@JonathanRedsell This was more for a gentle reminder for Agents than an added pressure. We’re using the Agent Evaluation module so will look at a specific profile for longer calls meantime. Supervisors do currently check the Agent Summary report as well. Happy to have a chat whenever suits. Regards,

I’m maybe a little late in the conversation and wouldn’t normally think that this is a required feature however, combined with activity codes it would offer a real-time understanding of calls that may identify either a training issue or call topics which may require an extended conversation to resolve.

I agree with the sentiment above about additional pressure being applied. I think this would be very difficult to implement here due to the range of different call type we receive which aren’t easily filtered through IVR. What would help us though in this area would be for the widgets in the dashboards to be sortable. Currently the agent summary is in alphabetical order by agent name, if this could be reordered by other fields eg time this could plug this gap and be really useful for centres with large numbers of agents

Hi Adam

Thanks for the feedback ref the warning about the duration of the agents time on call. I tend to agree.

With regards to the sorting of the agents by status in the dashboard widget, I can confirm this something that gets requested regularly and I do have it on the backlog to address this. However I am unable to provide an estimate of timescale. Any changes would be made in Converse v5 only.