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Contact Centre Reporting – A Deep Dive

Contact Centre comes bundled with roughly 20 or so separate reports, but what do they all mean and how can you use these reports and it’s data to give you what’s important to you and your business.

On Friday the 12th March @ 2pm we will be running a Deep Dive into the world of Contact Centre Reports, but before we do we need to hear from you.

We need to hear about the metrics that are important to you. What data do you need to report on for Management/Agent KPI and anything and everything else in-between?

We will then go through the best reports to run and what data you should be looking at to be able to provide this information.

From there we will also take a look at some of the other elements of reports we all take for granted to help you get more out of your reports and better understand your Contact Centre.

This will also be a great way to help us shape the reports within Contact Centre to make reporting easier to get to the data that matters and how this information is displayed.

Finally with the ability to pull data using the Report API we will look at how you can create reports from your data using Microsoft Power BI.

Please feedback by responding to this post.

Thanks, Tony

How can we sign up to the event?

For me the reports that I would like to be able to pull off as a System administrator are as follows

A downloadable global Report on assigned licenses by name/ queue.
A downloadable Global report on all agents that can be also filtered by queue/group
A downloadable global report on User permissions that can be filtered by permissions template.

Hi Tina,

Thank you for your interest in our Reporting Deep Dive event. Currently, the reports you mention are not available in the Converse platform.

Could you please help us by explaining the use case for having an actual downloadable report for those areas of the platform? For example, what would you use it for that cannot already be done by getting the information from the Converse Admin interface?

Does anybody else feel they need to have similar reports?


Jonathan Gunner

Hi Tom
There’ll be instructions on how to join nearer the time.
Just keep an eye out for a blog post.
Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony and Jonathan

We provide monthly stats to the Exec team, which we are currently manually collecting from each of Contact centre group’s ‘Queue summary report’ . This data is entered into a spreadsheet and includes the total number of calls received, the total number of calls answered, % of calls answered with a % trend based on the previous month.

For a number of reasons we would definitely want access to global reporting and would be interested in the following:

  1. For Demand reporting:
  • All contact groups , based on queue and skill
  • Options/filters by media types e.g. calls, emails and chat
  • Report to include : total calls received , total answered and % answered, trend % if possible
  • Average length of call
  • Total calls abandoned
  • Total calls redirected ( can this be drilled down further? I.e. lines open but no agent logged in or Call queue limit reached etc)
  • Total number of emails received , deferred and completed
  • Total number of chats received and completed
  1. For Capacity
  • Total number of agents logged in
  • Total number of agents available
  • Average dialogue opening times
  1. For Performance
  • Total number of QueueBuster calls– received and answered
  • Call back calls – received and answered
  • Call me back ( Netcall Hub) calls – received and answered (split by rebook and cancellation requests)
  • Number of Voice forms – received and actioned
  • Ave wait length
  1. For Quality
  • No of calls answered within SLA 1 & SLA 2
  • Calls to wrong place needing transfer
  1. Combining Contact centre reports with Recent reports to reflect Dialogue routing i.e. calls received and depending on option selected can be routed to a queue skill or transferred to other phone numbers and or Voice forms etc